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My name is Dolores. I grew up in a bilingual, multi-generational, Italian-American family. I was married for nearly 40 years and I have two adult children. I taught English, Spanish, and Italian for many years and am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Grief Specialist. I currently teach chess to little ones and  I take voice lessons and have an occasional gig now and then.I'm the proud mom of a little Scottie, Bella and an energetic Border Collie, Pino.

I grew up surrounded by...


As a child, the only way to find some peace was to hide under the basement stairs with a lawn chair and a book. Now I'd give anything for some of that shouting and frenzied activity again. I learned about love from my family, but they never taught me how to be alone.

That I'm forced to do for myself. Through books, seminars, groups, and just talking to others, I'm trying to find my way through the rest of my life...I'm just like you.

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